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For Hamed Doust, CPA his north Hollywood accounting service mission is clear. To enable growth; growth of his clients, his community, and his clients’ businesses.

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A skilled accounting, tax, and consulting firm for more than a decade, Hamed Doust is driven by outcomes that can change lives.  Doust knows what matters most to his clients and it shows in everything he does. 

If you’re in need of a North Hollywood accounting service consider the services of Hamed Doust. and schedule your free consultation.  

Accounting services of Our
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In addition to accounting, the firm also offers a wide range of other support: 

Payroll reporting

Preparation of Financial Statements

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Sales Tax reporting

Audit representation

City License Renewal


Hamed Doust, CPA

During your complimentary consultation you will quickly realize that client education and satisfaction is paramount to Doust.

The firm’s core values are based on principles which include professionalism, prompt response time, and the highest quality of skilled service. The foremost commitment to all clients is to save them time and money through updated and detailed knowledge of the ever-changing tax laws, both Federal and State. 


Why use a professional
accounting service?

Because you have a business to run.

There is no question that business owners can better use their time  running and growing their business rather than managing their own financial demands.

It’s easy to get started with Hamed Doust.  Doust will tailor his service to meet your specific business needs.

Based on a true story, the average person uses at least six swear words per hour when attempting to perform their own  accounting work. Don’t let this happen to you. An accounting service is not a luxury, it is a good business practice.

There are some things that should always be handled with care, and by professionals, and accounting is one of them.  

While some may chose retail software programs,  there is simply no substitute for an experienced accounting service.

North Hollywood Accounting Services

The superior service of Hamed Doust explains his growing clientele year after year.  Mr. Doust does no advertising, rather depends on his good reputation and referral network.

As a matter of fact, yes; time is money.

Schedule your free consultation today and let the North Hollywood Accounting Services of Hamed Doust assist you.

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